We know that not all of your questions can be answered on this website. That’s why we encourage you to call us at 1-800-833-2294. We are here to answer your questions and to help you book your perfect Myrtle Beach vacation. 

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. 

Two things are happening here. (1) We have  never been or have never asked to be a member of their on line booking service.  However, Trip Advisor added THEIR booking service to THEIR Trip Advisor REVIEW SITE of the Gazebo Inn.  They also added at the bottom of THEIR REVIEW SITE “reservations options”  that you can book your reservations for the Gazebo Inn through them, expedia, etc.  You CANNOT BOOK ON LINE anywhere for the Gazebo Inn.  You have to CALL us on our Toll Free number 1-800-833-2294.  We CHOSE not to use booking services in order to pass these “booking fees” on to our guests by the way of offering lower room rates.  (2) It is a “TRICK” by Trip Advisor.  When you try to book an on line reservation for the Gazebo Inn, you will get a message that saids we are full and then a “pop up” of another motel (one that PAYS their booking fee) will appear saying they have rooms available.   A LOT OF TIMES WE HAVE ROOMS AVAILABLE.  REMEMBER, the webb site is is 100 PER CENT controlled by Trip Advisor. We have  NO CONTROL of the site  We have called and e-mailed them many times to ask them to correct the information.  They refuse.  It is all about MONEY.  While Trip Advisor provides a good service for the rating of motels, it greatly MISREPRESENTS motels about the availability of rooms for motels not paying them a fee. 

The motel is located directly on the ocean but the views of the ocean vary.  Ocean Front rooms face directly toward the ocean.  Ocean View rooms have a nice view of the ocean at about 45 degree angle.  NO View rooms are all located on the first floor and may have a partical view of the ocean, a pool fence, a parking lot, or a retainer wall.  Street View rooms face toward the street and do not have a view of the ocean.  Regardless of the location, all rooms offer the same  quality.   

Check out time is NO LATER THAN 11 am. Many check out much earlier. We do not know what time a guest  will check out. Housekeeping begins at 8:30 AM starting with the rooms that have already left. The head housekeeper calls the front desk when a room is ready for check in. If your room is ready when you arrive, we will immediately check you in. We guarantee no later than 3 PM. 

In order to have the rooms ready for arriving guests, housekeeping cleans all of the check outs first. Guests already in house will get service approximately between 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM. This may be a little late for some, but this allowed you to be able to maybe check in before 3 PM. Besides, most guest appreciate this, especially if they want to “sleep in” while on vacation. 

We are an older motel and when it was built (mid seventies) all myrtle beach motels only allowed for one parking space per room. There is some free public parking available across the street from the motel. 

Myrtle Beach is 50 miles long and 1 mile wide. “ATTRACTIONS”  are everywhere. No one motel is located close to “everything”. We are centrally located toward the southern end of myrtle beach. We are 5 minutes from the airport, close to the Family Kingdom, 2 fishing piers, 3 grocery stores, restaurants both fast food and sit down. We are about 3/4 mile south of the boardwalk which is good. Close enough to enjoy but far enough away from the noise, crowds, etc. The motel is located directly on the beach.